Top 3 Ways To Efficiently Hire Employees

Recruiters have found themselves in a hiring crunch. When filling up multiple open positions, recruiters can’t speed up their hiring process. A workforce is the backbone of any organization and the hiring process can be challenging.


6 Key Hiring Trends for 2022

Hiring trends are an important part of organizational success. Trends are the changes in the way organizations hire, engage and develop talent.


Causes and effects of remote workplace conflicts

Managing virtual teams is becoming more of a rule than an exception as the workplace becomes more global. Virtual teams have their own set of communication issues. According to research, the problem becomes more acute in a remote workplace with more intense and complex behaviors. 


How do you use AI to spot behaviors of an employee who wants to leave?

Consider what the company loses when a valuable employee leaves: innovative product ideas, outstanding project management, and client relationships, to name a few. With advancements in Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to not only predict but also understand the main factors that affect employee attrition.