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Workforce Management System (WMS) software is designed to manage all aspects of human resources, including talent acquisition, performance management, employee benefits and align your employee goals with OKRs.

Step up your HR game and embrace the power of Workforce Management System software, as Rytfit.ai seamlessly streamlines all HR functions into a single and one cohesive platform delivering enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness for organizations.

Rytfit.ai streamlines the recruitment and onboarding process by automating many of the manual tasks involved. It makes it easier to post job listings, review resumes and provide match scores for a particular job.

Rytfit.ai also enables new hires to have training online, reducing the time it takes to get them up to speed and productive in their role. Additionally, Rytfit.ai helps to manage employee information, ensuring all relevant data is captured, stored and updated efficiently, making the recruitment and onboarding process more efficient and effective.

Rytfit.ai offer integration options with various recruitment platforms, allowing organizations to seamlessly transfer data between the two systems. This can help organizations streamline their recruitment process and ensure that they have a complete and up-to-date view of all employee information, including information related to their recruitment and hiring.

Rytfit.ai can improve employee engagement in several ways, including:

Providing a centralized place for employee recognition and rewards programs, encouraging employees to work harder and improve their performance.

Offering a platform for employees to provide anonymous feedback and suggestions to the company, improving communication and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Acts as a platform for employees to reskill and upskill their career.

Fuels your talent pipeline with candidates from your employee’s networks.

Helps in building a fabulous & thriving work culture which will elevate your employee experience.

Yes, Rytfit.ai can be used to track and measure employee performance with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). It enables managers to set specific, measurable and time-bound objectives for their employees and track their progress in real-time.

This helps to align individual and team goals with the company’s overall strategy, foster a culture of continuous improvement and enable data-driven decision making.

It also provides performance dashboards, goal tracking and feedback mechanisms to enable employees to continuously monitor their progress and adjust as needed to achieve their objectives.

Rytfit.ai can help organizations stay compliant with labor laws by providing features such as time and attendance tracking, paid time off (PTO) tracking, and wage and hour calculation. These features help organizations ensure that they are accurately tracking employee hours and compensating them in accordance with applicable labor laws, such as minimum wage laws, overtime laws, and PTO laws.

Additionally, WMS software can also help organizations maintain records of employee information, such as personal data, employment contracts, and compensation records, which are often required by labor laws.

Yes, Rytfit.ai offer cloud-based or web-based solutions that allow remote employees to access the system from anywhere with an internet connection. This can include features such as time and attendance tracking, payroll processing, and benefits management, which can be critical for managing remote employees and ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Rytfit.ai offers customization options that includes customizing the user interface, adding or modifying specific features, integrating with other systems and tools, and configuring workflows and reporting.

Rytfit encrypts all of our customer data before it’s stored separately in a database. We use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm to encrypt each customer data. We are fully GDPR compliant.

Yes, we do have 14-day free trial period and also a free subscription plan.

Rytfit.ai helps with recruitment marketing by streamlining the recruitment process and making it more efficient and effective. Recruitment marketing is made easier through Rytfit.ai because it allows organizations to target the right audience, reach them through multiple channels, and track the success of their recruitment efforts.

Rytfit.ai provides real-time data and analytics to help organizations make informed decisions and optimize their recruitment marketing strategies.

Yes, Rytfit.ai allows updating candidate profiles and resumes. This feature allows HR professionals to keep track of all relevant information regarding a candidate, including their personal and professional details, educational background, work experience, and skill set.

With this feature, HR teams can easily access and update candidate information at any time, ensuring that they always have up-to-date information for reference.

Rytfit.ai removes 90% of the time spent on manual recruiting tasks which allows organizations to go from hi to hire in just 7 days with the right skills and cultural fit. This in turn saves your money spent on manual tasks by 60%.

Rytfit.ai can support employee self-service in several ways:

Online portals: Rytfit.ai can provide employees with access to an online portal where they can manage their own information, update their current skills, finding new jobs internally, request time off and more.

Automated workflows: Rytfit.ai can automate various HR processes, such as Employee data management, Performance management, Compliance, Employee relations, Benefits administration allowing employees to complete these tasks without the need for manual intervention from HR.

Overall, Rytfit.ai’s employee self-service features can help organizations streamline HR processes, improve efficiency, and empower employees to manage their own information and tasks.

Rytfit.ai does not support mobile devices for now, but in the near future Rytfit.ai has plans to launch on mobile devices too.

Rytfit.ai offers the following support options: Email, Phone Support, Knowledge Base.

Rytfit.ai Workforce Management System helps – IT, Banking, & Healthcare sectors.

Sizes – Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.

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