Jumpstart your talent acquisition by hiring the right talent.
Transform your hiring using rytfit.ai

Tailor to Your Needs

Transform Your Hiring Using AI

Rytfit AI is tailored to your needs where any job title is fed into Rytfit’s AI-powered algorithm. It accelerates job creation which helps to calibrate relevant core skills & soft skills and job-related data.

Take Talent Acquisition to Next Level

Enhance Talent Acquisition Efficiency

Rytfit’s semantic model allows organizations to go from hi to hire in just 7 days with the right skills and cultural fit. Rytfit removes 90% of the time spent on manual recruiting tasks. With Rytfit’s efficient matching and screening process, there is an increase in productivity and it reduces the time taken to hire the right talent.

AI-Driven & Candidate Relationship Management

Spot the Candidate & Build CRM

With a complete understanding of job requirements, the recruiters are provided with a pool of candidates with matching skills and traits which increases the chances of hiring and boosts the efficiency of the recruitment process. Rytfit is an ultimate solution as it helps to engage talent, open & sustain communication with candidates, and also streamline the entire talent acquisition process.

Impact Using AI

Mitigates Bias That Enhances Diversity

Rytfit AI supports organizations to mitigate bias in recruitment which helps to reach a diverse set of prospects through semantic search.