AI-powered Organization Intelligence Platform (OIP)

AI Recruiting

Transform your hiring using AI

No more keyword matching! Hire the right talent, increase the diversity and the candidate experience using Rytfit’s OIP. Rytfit provides a complete hiring solution that increases higher productivity and reduces time-to-augment.

Rytfit hiring platform fetching the right talent without keywords
mapping right talents with right job using ai hiring platform

Take Talent Acquisition to next level

Increase TA throughput

Rytfit’s semantic recommendation model empowers organization to hire the right talent with the right skills and cultural fit. Efficient matching, screening process reduces the time to augment the right talent at the right time.

How rytfit hiring platform helps recruiters in solving human bias

Embrace Diversity & Inclusion

Make an impact using AI

No more bias! Source and screen the talents using AI and increase and grow diverse talent.

Organization Intelligence

All In AI-powered Intelligent Solution

Rytfit’s OIP is the organization solution to hire, engage and measure a global and diverse workforce. Increase the potential of a talent, eliminate bias, reduce the sourcing cost, measure the ROI and take the talent acquisition to the next level using AI.

Cyclic representation of an organization culture