Supercharge & Streamline.Time-Bound & Measure.

Align Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Job Calibration

Don’t have Job Descriptions? No problem! Just feed the job title, AI-powered Rytfit provides you with calibrated core skills, soft skills, education, certification, etc., and generates tailor-made job descriptions instantly. It also instantly fetches the Rytfit Match and active talents for the available position.

Increases Productivity & Faster Time to Augment

Hire Top Talent on Time & Every Time

Recruiters and hiring teams are often overworked, managing, and shortlisting resumes across large databases & job boards, racing against time to hire the best talent, and meet their recruitment goals. Rytfit helps you parse thousands of resumes, update profiles, synchronize candidates’ data, and speed up the recruitment process all on a single platform. Rytfit helps you automate your hiring process, removes bias from hiring to identify top talent, improves productivity, enhances candidate experience, and grows a diverse workforce. We nudge your organization in the right direction.

Well Known for Employee-Centric Work Culture

An Environment of Continuous Development

Building an employee-centric company can help your company enhance employee retention, and increase productivity and efficiency. With Rytfit you can provide the workforce with learning and development opportunities. With Rytfit you can give your employees the skills they need to develop a growth mindset and become solution-driven problem solvers. Commit to employee development and growth, and spice it up with Rytfit.

Align Goals and be Transparent

Fitting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

A transparent culture fosters better outcomes by aligning the workforce across a set of shared goals and by building trust that everyone is involved in achieving those goals. Rytfit’s OKR brings transparency where everyone can see what others are working on and in turn drives more collaboration between co-workers. Focus on what matters, we got you.

All-in-one Platform

Delivers End-to-End Solutions

You might face challenges of finding the right people, to fill talent gaps at the right time and often at the lowest possible cost, which is a critical requirement. What is the best way to solve this?

Our Rytfit AI-powered platform provides a fully flexible & customizable solution all in one platform that helps in identifying talent based on skills and personality traits, recommends the best fit for the organization, and speeds up the process. Rytfit helps to transform talent management into talent acceleration and empower employees for optimum performance. Rytfit also activates every employee with clear goals and OKRs.