Job Calibration

Accelerate job creation with our Rytfit AI-Driven Platform that maps out an exhaustive list of calibrated soft skills, core skills, education, experience and many other factors. With exclusive D&I features, your talent pool gets diversified and provides you with relevant job descriptions with a matching algorithm that can be used by your recruiter.

Job Marketplace

You can promote & share jobs for your open vacancies and our unique AI algorithm allows you to distribute all your jobs from the job marketplace. You can find talent from around the world. Rytfit helps in identifying the right personality that fits your culture and job profile.

Talent Pipeline

A healthy talent pipeline ensures you have a strong relationship with candidates. Pipeline necessitates continual grooming and cultivating top talent and our AI-powered builds a strong talent pipeline where it sources talent from both inside and outside your organization with the right match. Rytfit helps to develop a direct platform-based approach to curate talent and match it to skills, personality traits, and cultural fit. Rytfit AI semantic model guarantees faster & better hires for your organization and accurate & efficient hiring process.

Talent Management

Rytfit boosts your chances of attracting, identifying, and retaining qualified talent by automating the entire pipeline from sourcing to onboarding. With our 360-degree view your hiring managers will have a complete picture of the talent ideal profile with all relevant data. With Rytfit, you will be able to track down the entire hiring process with valuable insights. Enabling 50% higher recruiter productivity and 100% higher recruiter happiness.

AI-driven Behavioral and DISC Assessment

Ever wonder what your employees’ behavior says? Assessing your employees’ traits can raise self-awareness and provide insights into personality. Rytfit uses an AI driven technology that analyzes millions of online data to identify and understand one’s behavior, communication style, and leadership potential.

AI-driven Candidate Matching

Recruiters need to screen hundreds of resumes when it comes to searching for an ideal candidate. This process can take days but with Rytfit’s AI-powered algorithm candidate profile matching enables your recruiters to source and screen millions of resumes in seconds. AI creates a weighted score based on skill sets, education, and experience. With Rytfit boosts your workforce productivity by identifying and matching the right candidate for the job.

AI-Powered Interview Scheduling

Never let great candidates slip through the cracks again. With Rytfit interview scheduling, your recruiters will be able to align calendars, schedule interviews & reminders to both interviewers and candidates. With Rytfit you discover new ways to delight talent, empower recruiters, and grow your employer brand. You can speed up your interview scheduling thereby allowing interviewers to focus solely on hiring the right match from AI-Driven insights which strengthens the relationship of your recruitment team with hiring managers.

Candidate Relationship Management

The more positive the experience, the more your brand stands out. Our Rytfit built-in AI automates seamless engagement with talents on a deeper level, collaborates more efficiently, accurately measures the performance of source-to-hire efforts, and proactively source & nurtures talent.

Employee Development

The missing piece of your employee experience is developing the skills of your workforce. With, curated upskilling helps to close knowledge gaps and drive measurable outcomes. Rytfit AI platform provides your employees with continuous development by career planning, upskilling, and many more. With Rytfit development and empowerment employees will be taking initiatives and making decisions to solve problems which leads to improved performance and develops a transformative culture.

Setup & Measure your Goals

Employee goals are key to success! Collaborate, discuss, measure, and achieve goals with Platform. With Rytfit you can track employee goals regularly, align your teams, and drive productivity with focused goals and achieve progress.