Tips to identify the correct passionate talent -
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Hiring passionate talent can be one of the most important value additions to any organization. While other attributes like experience, creativity, pragmatism, and work ethic are important, passion for the business ensures long-term commitment and mutual growth.

In this blog post, we will dive into some of the best methods to recognize passionate candidates.


Passionate talent will have a strong why to motivate them in their work. So, ask them questions around this like “Why this industry?”, “Why this company?”, “Why this job?”, “What are your career goals?”, “How do you stay updated?” during interviews. Strong answers to these questions prove their passion for the work.


Passionate talent always update themselves about their industry and share their knowledge. This reveals their interest even outside the office. They will be active in relevant social media groups, engage with their peers, and may even manage industry-related blogs.


A passionate talent is always on the lookout for skill development and growth. Nowadays, this has become easier through various online educational platforms. Industry-related certifications, degrees, and diplomas show the willingness of the talent to spend money on their passion which is always a good sign.

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