AI-powered Organization Intelligence Platform (OIP)'s OKR measuring interface
Alignment and Transparency

Stronger Results using AI

Rytfit’s OIP gives leaders, teams, and individuals visibility into the entire work process, connecting everyday tasks to the company’s most important objectives. Update check-ins to track progress and see how they are making an impact. Stay engaged and transparent to achieve strong results.

Comparing the talents skill sets with
Accelerate results

Unlock growth

Get continuous, contextual results data to make good operating decisions. Eliminate the slow, laborious cycle of reporting, and use people’s time to act on the data to get OKRs right and faster results the first time.

Measuring the candidates skill with
Transparent reviews

Modern Performance

Traditional performance reviews no longer cut it in a modern workforce. Use Rytfit’s OKR to conduct better performance reviews that yield meaningful insights and inspire your diverse workforce to improve.