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Sales Compensation in 2023: Learnings From 2022 and Mistakes To Avoid for Startup Founders

Most sales jobs include commissions or bonuses according to performance. The reason is that sales are a highly competitive area to go into. And payments linked to performance are a way to encourage improvement.

Tune into this engaging webinar session with our two Guest Speakers :
Asim Siddiqui an HR SaaS Technologist, Founder, Advisor, Investor
Denis Hiller, Head of Marketing at ZenCentiv

In this webinar, we will provide you with insights, and here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How does sales compensation work?
  • How to design & align with a company’s strategy?
  • What are sales compensation learnings to consider for next year?
  • What are the issues & mistakes to avoid startup founders?

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    PAST WEBINAR    24 June 2022

    How To Shape Your Workforce With Skill Based Talent Acquisition?

    In this episode of Future of work with Manjit. As a guest speaker we have Elena Agaragimova, She holds certification in Career Development Coaching, Corporate Training, Education Consulting, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Team Building, Change Management, and Public Speaking.

    She helps talents to be more flexible and qualified which will help them to achieve in their both professional & personal goals and be the best where they work. This webinar looks at a new approach where you can shift your focus from replacing your workforce with a stronger focus on skills across the hiring process.

    Here’s what we’ll cover :-

    • How to attract & hire the right talent with a new approach?
    • How to shift from replacing to shaping your workforce?

    PAST WEBINAR    27 May 2022

    What Do Gen Z and Millennial Workers Want at Workplace?

    When it comes to an increase in employee engagement it is important to note generational preferences for what the workplace looks like.

    Tune into this engaging webinar with our Guest Steven Farber, CEO and Retention Sherpa at Hero Culture. Steven Farber’s passion is helping out companies to build better retention programs. In this webinar, we will provide you with the latest info on how you can engage & retain these talented & creative workers.

    Here’s what we’ll cover :-

    • Flexible work culture in their working hours that allow them to take time off.
    • To feel valued, supported, and appreciated by their superiors.

    PAST WEBINAR    20 May 2022

    How To Upskill To Keep and Attract Talent?

    Companies are always looking for bright, new talent. But they are in an unprecedented struggle for top talent, as employees leave in droves.

    Tune into this engaging webinar with our Guests Jeff Altman, Career Coach from The Big Game Hunter, Inc, and Manjit Kaur, AI Solution Strategist from discuss how digital upskilling and training can help you stay competitive and how you can attract and retain top talents, especially in today’s battle for top talent.

    Here’s what we’ll cover :-

    • Why upskilling is important alternative to hiring in today’s talent landscape?
    • How upskilling improves your chances of attracting top talent?

    PAST WEBINAR    13 May 2022

    Importance of Gender Equality in Workplace

    Gender equality seems like a faraway dream these days. Over 2 billion women don’t have the same employment options as men. Gender equality is of paramount importance to positions of leadership and decision-making at all levels.

    We must continue to encourage people to advocate for gender equality, which is what we aimed to achieve through our webinar.

    Here’s what we’ll cover :-

    • Importance of gender equality in the workplace
    • What can you do in support of gender equality in the workplace?

    PAST WEBINAR    06 May 2022

    Why Employee Wellness Is Important for Employers?

    Today more than ever before, employee engagement, health, and well-being are becoming the topmost priority for employees. Considering the current situation, employees are buckling up to help and safeguard their employees.

    Let’s find out the importance of employee wellness and how employers should address employee wellness through our webinar.

    Here’s what we’ll cover :-

    • Why prioritize employee wellness in the workplace?
    • How do employers play an important role in employee wellness?

    PAST WEBINAR    18 November 2022

    Exciting New Ways To Engage With Employees for Team Building and Improving Retention in 2022

    When employees stay with the company, the organization’s productivity remains consistent, and key knowledge and skills stay in-house. Employee morale improves and employee engagement increases. High retention means teams are stable, passionate, and qualified.

    Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that offers to name a few fair plays, supportive culture, and opportunities to learn & develop? When companies start improving they make a place where people feel inspired to join and stay put.

    We’ve got Scott DiGiammarino, CEO and Founder of MovieComm, wherewith his 25 years of experience as an award-winning executive shares new ways to engage with employees for team building and to improve retention:-

    • Showing your employees how to bring purpose & value
    • Have fun & keep them entertained which will help the relationship blossom
    • The more you recognize them, the more appreciated they feel
    • Leadership truly matters and helps people to tap in
    • Set a clear vision, they might win/lose, but better believe them

    PAST WEBINAR    21 October 2022

    Hiring Challenges Founder’s Facing in 2022

    A great team is forged by the journey traversed by its members.

    Hiring employees who are in alignment with company culture and match the technical skill sets can bring in success quicker. Employees help in building a great company. In achieving the ideal vision, founders face various challenges.

    To help, we have Kurt Schmidt, President of Foundry where he shared his key insights & takeaways on challenges faced by startups:-

    • Hiring top-caliber people
    • Hiring employees not only based on technical skills but also a cultural fit
    • Look for ways to hack the hiring problem
    • Keep candidates engaged to prevent last-minute dropout

    PAST WEBINAR    23 September 2022

    Startups and Talent – It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

    Startups hire talents where they hope to scale up quickly and grow quickly which isn’t sustainable. During an unexpected situation, startups let go of skilled employees, which leads to a massive loss of product and process knowledge. And when things come back to normal, companies end up spending money all over again to bring back the lost knowledge.

    To help, we have Bob Goodwin, Founder of Career Club where he shared his insights on:

    In this webinar, we discussed :-

    • Tips and tricks to transform the process
    • Strategies to penetrate into the market
    • Importance of Networking
    • Challenges faced by startups
    • Recruitment strategies for successful hiring

    PAST WEBINAR    26 August 2022

    Shining and Inspiring Founders

    To build and run a successful company, every would be-entrepreneurs needs to fine-tune a business plan, assess your finances, pick your partners, define your company culture, how to get talent on your ship and a whole lot more. All these roadblocks need a great mentor to remove these from your path.

    To help, we have Felix Lee, Co-Founder of ADPList where he shares his insights and know-how. A guide on building a startup.

    In this webinar, we discussed :-

    • What’s the best time to launch a startup?
    • What are the challenges faced while building a startup?

    PAST WEBINAR    22 July 2022

    Learn Proven Hiring Strategies for Startups From the Founders

    Attracting and hiring the right fit is crucial for any startup’s success. In fact up to 26% of startups that fail cite not being able to hire the right team.

    What hiring strategy should you be using? You have to find the right strategy that works best for you and your business because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method.

    In this webinar, we discussed the most popular hiring strategies for your startups :-

    • What are the hiring strategies?
    • How to improve your hiring strategies?

    PAST WEBINAR    05 July 2022

    Managers to Leaders

    Hiring the right talent is the biggest responsibility for any company, arguably the single most important responsibility. The reality is identifying the right people falls on HR leaders.

    These intractable problems result in chronic hiring mistakes which lead to high turnover rates and significantly reduce productivity. In the Episode of Managers to Leaders by @Maribel Ortega, Women Empowerment Coach, with Manjit Kaur, AI Solution Strategist from Where Manjit Kaur talks about the challenges faced by HR leaders and gives insights and practical tips to overcome them.

    In this webinar we talked about :-

    • When are leaders tasked with finding the right candidate, what are the challenges faced?
    • How to identify the candidate if they are culturally fit for the company?
    • How does AI technology streamline the hiring process?

    PAST WEBINAR    14 April 2022

    Creating a Culture of Retention

    The Great Resignation has changed how we perceive our most valuable assets in an organization. Company culture is at the root of everything we do in our organization. How do you create a culture of retention? How do you make your company stand out so people want to work for you?

    Hear from Megan Wollerton, Health and wellness expert from Life Force Wellness LLC and Manjit Kaur, AI Solution Strategist from for the best practices to create a culture of retention.

    Here’s what we will cover :-

    • Why it is important to create a culture of retention?
    • Effective ways to create a culture of retention.

    PAST WEBINAR    25 March 2022

    War on Talent: How To Stay Ahead Amid the Competitive Environment?

    The war for talent is real. How can you win the battle for the world’s best talent?

    How can you stay ahead of the competitive curve? Will your company end up choosing the right talent? Talents are moving around, switching jobs, even companies, chasing higher pay, higher benefits, and better work-life balance.

    In this webcast, we will share how you can :-

    • Develop innovative recruiting strategies
    • Stay ahead of the curve
    • Win today’s war talent using data
    • Attract and retain the best talent

    PAST WEBINAR    04 March 2022

    Surprising New Approaches for Engaging Employees and Empowering Managers

    In a recent issue of the Cutter Business Technology Journal, Bill Fox, Founder of Forward Thinking Workplaces, published his surprising findings on what people are really lacking and longing for in the workplace.

    In this section, Bill Fox will discuss things that people lack and long for at work along with practical insights and examples on:

    • What do people really lack and long at work that will improve employee and customer happiness?
    • Important questions that leaders, managers, and employees should be asking each other to improve engagement and employee happiness.

    PAST WEBINAR    28 January 2022

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Data-driven Strategies and Why They Work

    Diversity in the workplace is important for creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Address the unique needs of particular individuals rather than treating everyone the same. The benefit of diversity is to continuously progress toward a more inclusive environment for all team members.

    In this webcast, we will take a look at why it is important for organizations to invest in diversified teams and what data-driven strategies can be used to improve inclusion.

    PAST WEBINAR    17 December 2021

    How To Effectively Leverage Your Employees Potential

    The world is changing so that the organizations too. With this evolution talent leaders must keep their pace to identify the right talents and mobilize them to optimal roles  – matching the right people with the right job. Organizations with engaged employees are 21% more profitable.

    In this webcast, we will share how to leverage your employee potential using data-driven and strategic planning methods. With this, organizations can spot the right talents, and empower development to maximize their business performance and employee engagement.

    PAST WEBINAR    19 November 2021

    How To Craft A Job Posting That Converts

    Job postings have a dramatic impact over talent pipeline health. Not only must it function at both a persuasive and a technical level, but also it must encourage talents to respond.

    The answers lie in this webcast which will make you learn about building & refining job postings that drive results.

    PAST WEBINAR    28 October 2021

    How to make a Right Talent Accept Job Offer?

    To improve your numbers on filling out your positions, one must be proactive in hiring a talent rather than reactive.

    So employers must stand out while hiring talent. But how?

    That’s why we have uncovered some of the best practices which will help you to make the talent accept the offer.

    PAST WEBINAR    28 September 2021

    Future of work Return to office (or) WFH Dilemma?

    Many significant changes were transforming the nature of work. These changes, taken together, provide an opportunity to think deeply about the future of work that we want.

    Following this change, how can we be optimistic about the future of work?

    PAST WEBINAR    31 August 2021

    Measure Performance of Remote Team

    Is it possible that organizations can thoroughly monitor, evaluate, and measure the productivity of each employee working remotely amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic?

    The answer is yes, but how to measure the performance of your team?

    PAST WEBINAR    30 July 2021

    Employee Attrition in 2021

    Attrition is widely understood to be one of the major problems in 2021. Losing employees has impacts across the company. In this webinar, we share the actual impacts of employee attrition in 2021.

    Get to know the proven strategies which can then be put into place to minimize these impacts in the workplace.

    Rytfit’s AI-Driven platform will help you through all your hiring process to successfully establish a strong and diverse hiring practice.

    PAST WEBINAR    25 June 2021

    AI in HR

    These days AI-powered technologies are booming Worldwide. AI influences every business and its departments, especially when it comes to the HR department of a Company, which is a key department.

    Get to know how AI helps in recruitment to employee experience, talent management, and talent acquisition.

    AI-powered technologies are booming worldwide. Our experts have shared their thoughts on how AI can help HR in every way.