Seamless AI Integrations

Equipped with the necessary technical expertise, Rytfit understands and integrates seamlessly with any HRIS platform. The flexibility to integrate with various platforms, allows us to tap into their resources offering you a comprehensive recruiting software. Recruiters can then accelerate their hiring process with their preferred platforms as Rytfit merges into their recruitment workflow with the highest possible efficiency.

Integrating all job boards into platform

All-In One Platform

Rytfit is the complete recruitment solution for your organization automating the entire pipeline from sourcing to onboarding. Rytfit offers you a single platform to attract the right candidate, manage them for optimum performance, and retain them for future development. Hiring managers are spared the hassle of working with multiple platforms instead using a single streamlined workflow, improving their productivity.

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Talent Connect

Connect seamlessly with your past, present and potential talents with our AI based Organization Intelligence Platform and optimize their experience. Our AI-powered engine evaluates talent based on their skills and personalities and recommends the best fit for the organization. Attract and retain top talent by recommending the best-fit jobs allowing them rapid growth in your organization.

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Security & Trust

At Rytfit, our top priority is keeping our customers’ data secure. We employ rigorous security and compliance data protection programs at all levels to ensure that our customer data, applications, and infrastructure remain safe.

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