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Job Calibration

Feed any job title into this AI-powered engine that offers you an exhaustive list of calibrated core skills and soft skills. Choose from hundreds of skills, qualifications, locations, and certifications to create a customized job posting tailored to your needs.

Talent Pipeline

Instantly build a talent pipeline by sourcing talent from your internal databases, job boards, social media, and referrals. Our AI-powered recommendation engine assists in sourcing talent with matching skills and personality traits that rightly fits the job.

Talent Management

Our AI-driven 360-degree talent view offers hiring managers a complete picture of the talent profile with all relevant data. Automated scheduling of interviews and AI-powered technical and cultural assessments allow the recruiters to focus more on the quality of the talent.

Job Marketplace

Promote & share your jobs with our unique Job AI algorithm that allows you to distribute all your jobs from the Job Marketplace. In most jobs, your success is closely linked to your ability to work with others — your “people skills.”

AI-driven Interview Scheduling

Speed up your interview scheduling with our Rytfit AI-platform allowing interviewers to focus solely on hiring the right talent from AI-driven insights. This will strengthen the relationships of the recruitment team with hiring managers.

AI-driven Behavioral and DISC Assessment

As Sir Richard Branson rightly said that “Personality always wins over book smarts”, Rytfit uses an AI driven technology to analyze millions of online data points to identify candidate’s personality.

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