Our AI-powered Organization Intelligence Platform (OIP) will help you transform your work culture and grow a diverse workplace

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Organization Intelligence Platform for Hiring and Engagement Experience

Organization Intelligence Platform

AI Hiring, Better Employee Engagement Experience and Measure OKR in Rytfit.ai Platform

Hiring tool finding the right talents for recruiters

Use AI to spot the right talent
Take Talent Acquisition to next level

group of employees are kept engaged in their workplace

Keep employees engaged & retain
Offer better workplace

Growing a diverse workplace with organization intelligence platform

Grow a diverse workforce
Deliver Talent Management Strategy

Rytfit.ai measuring objectives and key results

Bridge gap between Strategy & execution
Track the Objective Key Results

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Rytfit Overview

Transfer how you hire, engage and measure a diverse workforce with the AI-powered platform. Click onto explore how to win the war on talent.

Job Calibration

Failing to calibrate a job might run the risk of losing a qualified talent. Feed any job title into this AI-powered algorithm that offers you an exhaustive list of calibrated skills.

Talent Pipeline

Instantly build a talent pipeline by spotting talent from your internal databases, job boards, social media, and referrals. Explore how Rytfit.ai helps you building seamless talent pipeline.

AI-driven Behavioral and DISC Assessment

Traditional methods are not benefiting Recruiters in finding out a person’s behavior, motivations, and communication style. Want to see how Rytfit.ai help identify someone‚Äôs personality based on their resume?

AI-driven Profile Matching

Most of the time recruiters spend more time in spotting the right talents with required technical skills but often fail. Rytfit.ai’s AI-powered recommendation engine assists in spotting the right talent instantly after scanning all profiles that matches not only the skills but also experience, industry, job relevancy in few seconds.

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