How Do You Make Employees Feel a Sense of Company Community?

Creating an environment where you have to make your employees feel a sense of belonging is an ongoing investment and continuous process.  

You can never say, “Okay, we’ve done it! Now is it possible to move on to something else.” Each person’s contribution is required. 

So why not start by building a sense of community within your organization?

Table Of Contents


  • Team Building
  • The Purpose
  • Mentors

From Comfort To Contribution


We think that organization is a well-oiled machine with a military hierarchy where jobs are repetitive and mindless. Managers pull levers to do actions and employees become replaceable parts where they are fueled to do repetitive tasks with even greater efficiency. 

In this light-speed digital age, mindless and repetitive works are being done by machines and soon will be. You need people to contribute critical thinking, innovation, creativity, and provide feedback to your organization. And the best is by dropping the machine metaphor and making your employees feel a sense of company community. When a community has a purpose of its own, then it is all because of a foundation of support by people with unique ideas, hopes, and dreams.

Employees are the biggest component for the continued growth of your business. The benefits of building a community within your workspace can go a long way in fostering belonging, seamless communication by promoting a sense of camaraderie, recognition, happiness, long-term development, and allowing quality to work longer in your organization. 

So, how do you create a community in the workplace? 

If you want to make your employees sense of workplace community and bring your employees together, you have to look at these 3 tips :   

  • Team Building
  • The Purpose
  • Mentors

Let’s look at each in more detail.

methods to build strong company community


Conduct team-building exercises both inside and outside the workplace like team meetings, monthly team luncheon, work on small projects, or participate in team activities, say games which will help in creating bonds within the team and also helps in boosting employee morale. 

Celebrate their professional & personal accomplishments, which will allow them to feel appreciated. You and your staff can have a good laugh afterward for time spent and bond over the experience.


During the hiring process, you should look out for those candidates, to whom you can make them understand what company culture is all about and what values you find important. Hiring with this thought means you can build a community that your workplace values. Start with a question why. As for why is the purpose for what you do or think or act. 

Conduct a survey where you find out what their values are? Are they the right fit who align with your company values? It is also important to allocate the time to understand what your company’s vision is and how it will fit into it. 

A purpose can bridge a gap where it will help in creating a bond with the entire office into a community. As this gives an overall target for the office for working together on a project with a promise of reward.

Ensure that every work has a purpose, meaning, and recognition. Be specific in outlining the purpose and defining roles to each employee that will ensure no one feels overburdened with an inequitable share of the workload. 

Dedicated employees will have things in common and above all motivation will help in the growth of your company. Rytfit’s AI-powered platform will help you to hire the right fit for your organization.


87% of employees expect their employer to support them in work-life balance. As a coach and as an organization as a whole, make it a priority where you remove roadblocks that prevent your team from doing their best.

Discuss challenges, obstacles, work-related issues, and do whatever it takes to clear those. Ask for their suggestion on how these might be resolved and consistently work together to remove these barriers.

When you create opportunities for your employees by collaborating, it will help them to open their minds to perspectives that they may not have considered earlier. This means when they lack a sense of purpose about a task, their interaction with you who has a different perspective may help them to change their thought process and find purpose in the task by themselves.

When you help them out, you create an environment where employees will feel at home.


Employees when able to contribute equitably, indicate that they found purpose & value in the work that they do which in turn reduces the employee turnover rate. Their work helps to advance their purpose, where they feel engaged and that drives productivity & gains to your organizational performance, boosts employee loyalty and retention which in turn increases your company brand.

With a stronger company community, there will be innovative & productive employees, which fosters team building and a sense of contribution equitably to meaningful shared purpose.

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